Investing in Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA

Dicsclaimer: Quest Trust Company does not render tax, legal, accounting, investment, or other professional advice. If tax, legal, accounting, investment, or other similar expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.


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Quest Trust Company is the premier provider of Self-Directed IRAs in the country. We hold all types of non-traditional private assets on behalf of our clients' IRAs. Although Quest Trust Company is a neutral party and cannot provide tax, legal or investment advice, our staff is highly educated and are willing to share their time and knowledge. Quest Trust Company provides many FREE educational opportunbities and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We fund transactions within 24-48 hours, which means we can expedite your transactions faster than anyone!

Educated Staff, fast funding, no extra charge for education and exceptionally good service should be expected from an IRA custodian, not considered extra. Our staff understands your needs. These are just a few things that set Quest Trust Company apart from other Self-Directed IRA Providers.

Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled customer experience that caters to your needs. In order to meet those expectations we provide free educational seminars, inclusive networking events, and a positive atmosphere. This avid sense of direction stems from what we maintain to be the foundation of our company, our employees. Here, we believe in cultivating a philosophy that fosters innovation, integrity, and hospitality. By maintaining that ambitious sense of purpose, it allows us to engage competitively in any market for not only ourselves, but for you. For that reason, we here at Quest Trust Company hold true that you; our customers, are the incentive.

Quest Trust Company administers IRAs for the purpose of investing in “alternative” investments, including real estate, notes, oil and gas, and private placements, just to name a few of the almost endless investment possibilities. All of the accounts offered at Quest Trust Company are self-directed, meaning you get to make the decisions and our staff will provide expert account administration and transaction support services. We like to say that our best clients are the most educated clients, so in an effort to help you make the best investment decisions, we offer several educational weekly classes in our offices and online. In addition, each month Quest holds many presentations, workshops and seminars across the U.S. to educate people and allow for excellent networking opportunities.

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